TikTok vs YouTube is the new class war on internet.the downfall of the tiktok ratings goes down to 1.3 on the playstore

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Recently the battle between indian tiktok community and youtube community is taking over the internet by a storm. A big indian youtuber named ‘Carry minati’ made a video that topped the likes and views charts in the indian youtube section very soon.

The video led to spread of homosexual hate in the indian community and later in his live stream he told people not to take it seriously but the number of people who watched the video was and the number of people who were watching the live stream had a huge gap however later the video was taken down and some people are claiming it was taken down due to mass reporters of tiktokers but the truth still remains hidden if it was actualy done by tiktokers or by the youtube itself.

As people were thinking it was due to tiktokers carry’s supporters began to report,uninstall and give bad reviews about tiktok in the play store and its rating has gone down to 1.3/5 for now and its assumed it will go down further however Carryminati again uploaded a video asking people to end this thing snd his fans don’t seem to take what he said and the bad reviews are still continuing.

He seemed emotional about his video being taken down and the views have reached upto 45 million for now. Moving to tiktokers recently faizal siddiqui’s tiktok account which had 13.5 million followers got permanently deleted because of a tiktok he threw acid on his ex (according to the visual script and yes it was fake) howerver it seemed that it would encourage youth to do such criminal activities and hence his account got deleted asap. is tiktok really a boon or a blessing? The controversy still exists.

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