Red Light Business

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I regret having to learn and read about prostitution in Nepal. I was not trying to learn about prostitution because I had a mission to accomplish, or I had a deadline to submit. I was just curious and I want to tell you how my research only lasted a few hours of watching youtube videos, some interviews and some articles. You can as well do that if you are interested but the real reason of the quest was the helplessness behind prostitution. I want to take you through the whole process of prostitution and also give my views on prostitution as well. I don’t know if I am in the right place to speak about it or not because it is nothing like we imagine, and it is beyond imagination. Even the real truth has not been discovered by anyone I have to say.

We all know what a prostitute is, we know what he/she does, we know where we can find them and we know what are their characteristics like. Those who have no idea, prostitute is in simple words is a person who gives his/her clients the sexual satisfaction for money, it is the transaction that takes place between a client and the prostitute. We can find them in the busiest streets and one of the famous place is known as Ratnapark. They look just like anyone of us because they are among us. According to the researches, they stand and wait in the street in search of their clients. Which is just half a truth, I will tell you why? Let me divide this whole topic into types of prostitution in Nepal where I will explain in details all the aspect of prostitution as much as I can and as much as I know. Help yourself if you have any more information.

Prostitution in first, is not only business for men and by women. Both the gender of the society are equally in guilt for the business here. I don’t know why but, it is wrong to be a prostitute. It is wrong of course if someone forces you to, but if someone wants to then it should not be considered wrong is what I mean. Prostitution has been considered legal in many countries and there have been areas that have been allocated for prostitutes. As I have heard numerous times, some people sell their brain some sell their muscles and some sell their body. If a person is okay with selling their body then they should be given equal rights and equal respect as the one who buys them. It is a lot better than rape and many other criminal activities but it comes with a price and everyone has their own battles to fight and so do they.

There are three types of prostitution business running in Nepal:

1. Individual Prostitution: Here, a prostitute is alone and they themselves look for their client and serves them. There is nothing in between like no agents. The main reason of this kind of prostitution is ofcourse poverty. Selling their body seems to be the best they can do and it can be anyone who is standing in the streets and lane let that be men or women.

2. Agent and Guest House Owners: This kind of prostitution is wildly popular. There are agents who are supplying the customers with prostitutes. There are guesthouses which employs people in the name of other jobs and forcefully makes them sleep with people. Here, the main reason of the prostitution is of course the poverty and the trafficking agents which manipulates men and women in to this business.

3. Well educated and well groomed: In this kind of prostitution, the prostitutes are well educated, well groomed and are as smart as any one could be. You will not believe your eyes, but they sell their bodies and are involved in the act of prostitution. Here, they have their own links and agents which provides them with better clients and lifestyle. The main reason behind this is either the poverty, the desire or curiosity or the shattered past. Yes, people do chose this business in the aggression of their past.

Here, is a little insight to each and every kind of prostitutes in Nepal, they don’t chose to be prostitutes, they were not like okay I want to be a prostitute when I grow up. They also wanted a happy life with self respect in the society as everyone does. The situation that led them were beyond your imagination and it is rather easy for them to continue with their life that way than have another lifestyle. You might want to say why not quit their job, but it is as hard for you to quit yours it is that hard for them as well. The money doesnot come easy to them as well, there are agents who take their 75% of the labour and sometimes there are very aggressive clients who would rape and beat them up. It is not always the clients, sometimes it is the so-called aunthorities like police who would warn them to satisfy their needs for free. The raids which are conducted are the jelousy between the concerned parties, where nepotism plays its vital role. If you know someone from the higher authority, no raids can affect you. It is as political and as dramatic as you can think of.

However, there are woman from 15-55 which are prostitute and man form 25 above who are prostitute. Don’t blind yourself thinking only men have their needs, women want it as much as any men do. Yes, however there are many women compared to men who have been wither pushed to this circumstances, either compelled or threatened. They want to get married and what we call settled as well, but who will marry them right? They want to be looked at with respect as any human being would like but why would you respect them? They are as human as all of is. It is just they were misled and were compelled.

I believe there has to be red-light area for the one who wishes to carry on with their business. They should be asked where they want it and how they want it because it is they who owns the business. The laws has to be regulated and they should be provided with a liscence to do so. The one who wants to quit should be provided protection and employment opportunities and regular health checkups are to be carried out. They have the frustration in themselves, if they are infected with HIV in any case, you will be the victim of it as well. Remember, there is nothing that owns them and they own nothing as well. I havenot been able to say many things but it is all for now!

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