To The Thing Called Love

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These days,
The word ‘Love’ is being repeated,
But I don’t know it’s exact meaning.

I wrote few bad poetry for her,
and now a poetry collection
is going to be published in her name.
I once even attempted,
to create ‘constant’ and an ‘equation’ in her name.
and since then,
my clock is facing time dilation,
heartbeat is facing rhythm dilation,
mind is facing brain contraction,
and even my pen is facing length contraction,
with no healings,
for the world knows,
physics always leave their students in ruins.

From the pages of history,
I remember a name,
King Pratap Malla,
who stupidly built Ranipokhari for his queen,
and which –
the educated and civilzed people of my country,
what they call themselves as modernists,
have not only ruined it’s name,
but even deviated itself from it’s originality,
probably, because they know the meaning of love.

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस्