Risks of using public WIFI networks

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Do you connect your device to any free WIFI networks available in public areas and think you are safe? Be aware you are at a high risk of being hacked or getting your personal data stolen. 

WIFI in public areas facilitates us to access the Internet for free and quiclky connects us to the digital world. We are unknown about what can happen to our privacy and data within no instant.

Although it sounds harmless to use a public WIFI network but could be risky business. Here are some of the risks you might face while surfing over a public WIFI network :

Man-in-the-Middle attack

Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack is a most common security threats on public WIFI networks. In this type of attack,the hackers place themselves between the host device and the network server and can easily go through the transmissions and “read” them.

Malicious hotspots

Hackers set up their own malicious WIFI hotspots and release them without any security keys. The victim when connects the device to these malicious networks,provides all their data access to the hacker through the connected malicious network.

Snooping and sniffing

Snooping is an unauthorized access to victim’s data. And sniffing is the  theft or interception of data by capturing the network traffic using a sniffer application. Snooping includes casual observance of an e-mail that appears on another’s computer screen resulting in data theft. By using a sniffing application,the hacker can easily read the data within the non encrypted data packets.





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