What Can I DO ?

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  • Sushil Dahal


I try sleeping
My mind haunts me
I roll sideways,
He is here again!!!

The door is closed
The lights turned off
He comes near
I quiver with fear

He demands, strip
No, I cant, never
What??? You whore!!!
I won’t ask again

He jumped in
I could not escape
He pushed me
The beast kicked in

He starts molesting
I wonder!!! whats fate???
Why with me???
I just desire freedom

My clothes ripped
He has stripped naked
Pleasure for him
I just feel pain

He leaves happily
Then starts my horror
Stain on Identity
Scars on the soul

I was sold
Traded for my flesh
The beast pounded
Killing life for money

Unison is holy
Brings seed of life
But not here
It’s seed of destruction

I am used
The man turned men
Girl to meat
Feast on hourly basis

My weak body
Soul shattered into pieces
They won’t listen
Just labeled me prostitute

Yes, a prostitute
I also have feelings
I had family
They hoped for me

I want success
The name and fame
I want work
Not to be worked

I don’t know
How will I survive
Will I escape ?
Or trapped for eternity ?

I have sisters
They share the dread
All with stories
Of Pain and Hurt

Damsel in distress
Waiting for the Wonderwoman
To be saved
From this rotting hell

Yes its hell
They burn me internally
Some seem caring
But all the same

I don’t exist
At least not as human
Not for them
Do they even care?

I don’t enjoy
Certainly can’t be enthusiastic
I just accept
What Can I Do ???



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