Is Dillion Danis the Guy to Blame for UFC 229 aftermatch Brawl? Fans Reaction on Twitter

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Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor via Neck crank to defend his Lightweight title at UFC 229. But what happened after the main event match was something people were not expecting.

Khabib turned towards Conor’s Jiu-Jitsu coach Dillion Danis and shared some words before throwing his mouth guard on his direction. The Eagle then pushed the security personnel and jumped out of the Octagon on the Jiu-Jitsu champion.

The nine-times jiu-jitsu champion was not in the mood to back off as he went on to grab the lightweight champion before being taken by the security.

Khabib might not have expected that hard challenge from Dillion.

At the same time, three of Khabib’s men got into the Octagon and attacked Conor. They were later taken into custody but were released after Conor showed no interest in filing a case against them. However, UFC president Dana White was not letting them walk away. He revealed that the fighter with UFC contract involved in the brawl will see their contract terminated.


The fans around the globe made several assumptions about the aftermatch brawl and even guessed that Dillion might have made some racial comments on Khabib which might have led to all those. Some of them were not impressed with Khabib’s reaction and even wished that he gets stripped off the title.

Conor’s trash talking is all for the promotion of the fight and can be seen responding humbly after the fight. He had bitter talks with Nate Diaz, Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez etc previously but was seen hugging them after the match ended.

But Khabib also disrespected Conor right after the win and was the man behind all those dark moments.

Dana said the UFC have nothing to do with the brawl and revealed that the case will be handled by Nevada State Athletic Commission. He also told that Khabib might get severe punishment as the Governor of the state who was also watching the match had to run due to the Russian’s action.


Dillion, one of the cornermen of the Notorious, also had the bad mouth with Conor’s team but it was totally useless from Khabib to jump off the octagon and attack him. He could walk out the octagon with the brilliant win but had to be escorted due to the brawls. He was even hit with the bottles, water, and cans while going out.

Afterall, these trash talking are all part of the game but Khabib showed no professionalism and ruined the beauty of the game.

Now its all left on the Athletic Commission on how Khabib should be punished. UFC might strip off the title if he receives a longtime suspension and he might not get the visa next time.

Fans Reaction on Twitter:


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