Poem : Mistake

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Subigya Ojha

No its not his fault not mine too
He just acted the way he was taught
To be strong, bold, fearless and if he didn’t
He is not a man cause only girls cry, only they stay quiet only the bear

Now when he has shown his masculinity don’t blame him

because it’s not his fault
You showed him this path
Why are we told that boys don’t cry
Why are we always told that boys don’t bow their head
Or why not boys should not make anyone cry
Why is the society always pointing its finger when a girl comes home late

Why don’t they understand the sunlight plays no role.
Whether it’s day or its night he can’t change their thoughts

because you have made him learn this by heart

Why is that a girl should always compromise
And boys they are allowed to use this right
No don’t blame a boy when he is wrong
Blame yourself for not using the correct sense of words

when he was young and when he was small.


The Poem ‘Mistake’ was selected as ‘Top 15 Finalist’ in “IOE Poetry Champ 2.0” held in Pulchowk Engineering Campus. Have a look on the live poetry performance by the Poet herself captured by ALOUD OFFICIAL :



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