Dahal’s Republic Day best wishes- describes socialism as the future goal

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29 may, kathmandu- Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘ Prachanda’ has said the creation of a strong foundation for socialism is the need of hour. In his best wishes on the occasion of the 12th Republic Day today, he said the historic responsibility of building a base for socialism had been given to the Communist forces by the Nepali people and the existing leftist government and NCP was liable for the same.

He has appealed to the entire Communist revolutionary and progressive forces to move on in a camping aimed to offer a new model of federalism to the world human community.

Describing the establishment of federal democratic republic system with the destruction of feudalistic, anarchic and unitary governance in the country marked the epoch-making change in the country, he noted that progressive, dynamic and socialism-oriented constitution was promulgated on the support of people’s audacity and struggle.

“The constitutional provisions relating to the fundamental rights, federal system, inclusive-proportional system and social justice have paved the way for preparing for socialism, ” he reminded in the best wishes, offering words of tribute to those all who sacrificed their lives for political transformations at home and wishing for speedy recovery of all those left injured in course of such movements. (RSS)

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