Freedom of expression, major achievement of republic: say fighters

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30 may, galeshwor- The country celebrated the 12th Republic Day on Wednesday with several programmes across the nation. The Day commemorates the overthrow of the 240-year-old monarchy establishing the people’s true sovereignty for the first time in the country.

But, the achievement was not cost free as many had sacrificed their lives and many more were mutilated in the process. Though there are no significant changes in the lives of those living with injured and mutilated bodies and the families of the martyrs, it seems they are happy to have rights to speak and express their views and opinions.

Bijaya Subedi is among those who chose to fight for the people’s rule, risking their lives. Now she lives with the residue of war on her body, and said as age passes, she is facing more health challenges, but she finds a reason to compensate the pain to see people’s elected face(s) to the post of the head of the state and the citizen’s right to freedom of expression.

She was among those gathered at Pokhara to observe the Day organised by the People’s Movement Martyrs’ Families and Inured Coordination Committee, Kaski in commemoration of all those who attained martyrdom during the people’s movements.

“Despite agonies and pains like we people are facing at the personal level, the country saw political transformation. There is a system that allows the people to choose a person to be at the helm of the key post from among themselves. People’s verdict has been institutionalized. People have the right to freedom of opinion, and we take it the achievements of republic,” she said.

Coordination committee chair Shekhar Gautam said there was a need for collective efforts among parties to make the republic successful against the backdrop when attempts were being made within and outside the home in a bid to attack this system and make it a failure. “We do not have a major expectation from the government, but we just want it to work to make the people feel its presence by bringing changes in the country.”

Nepal Bar Association central chair Surendra Thapa Magar remember all those who gave their blood for the transformation, and sought contribution from all quarter to consolidate the republic and make it a success. (RSS)

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