Palpa Museum opens formally

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30 may, palpa- Historic Palpa Museum has been formally inaugurated after four years of its operation. The inauguration ceremony took place Wednesday was attended by State 5 state assembly member Tularam Gharti, District Coordination Committee Palpa’s chief Daya Raj Basyal, State 5 social development ministry’s secretary Krishna Prasad Gyawali, and Federation of Nepali Journalists, Palpa chair Rajesh Kumar Aryal, among others. On the occasion they highlighted the need of effective management and regular surveillance of the museum.

With the museum coming into operation formally, entry fee system has been implemented. Entry fee for student is Rs 5 per head, for domestic tourist Rs 15, tourist from SAARC nations has to pay Rs 50 and this is Rs 100 for those from other countries. It will remain open from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm from Wednesday to Sunday; from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm on every Monday and will remain closed on Tuesday, according to Tansen municipality officer Bharat Acharya.

The Palpa Palace dating back to the Rana regime (built in 1903 AD) was destroyed in 2006 during the Maoist insurgency. It was later rebuild and to transformed into the museum. It remains as the subordinate body of State 5 government and is to be operated under the supervision of Tansen municipality.(RSS)

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