Box office enforced in Lalbandi

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2 june, Sarlahi- Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Banskota has said that the box office system will help bring occupational purity and also a transparent society. Initiating the implementation of the box office system at the Bina Film Hall in Lalbandi municipality on Saturday, he said that purity in trade and business will make the state economically stronger.

The box office system also benefits and film producers and artists, he said while declaring that financial irregularities in the theatres would now come to an end with the new system in place. Minister Banskota also said foreign

advertisements in Nepal should have Nepali artists while the film hall should run for at least 180 days a year.
The box office system was enforced in theatres in Kathmandu a year ago. With the enforcement in Lalbandi, the number of theatres implementing box office in Province no. 2 has reached 10, according to box office coordinator Narendra Maharjan. (RSS)

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