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Kathmandu, Oct. 12: CSIT Association Of Nepal along with the students of IOST has reunited for the second time trying to create opportunities for all of us by introducing the Hult prize at IOST. CSITAN has been working to bridge the gap between the students, faculty, and industries since 2011. It has been conducting different workshops and seminars in order to let students learn and explore, endeavoring to match their motto: “Calibrating Technical Potentials”.

Many of you might wonder about hult and many questions are likely to arise since hult is yet unknown to many. So, if you are wondering what it is , here’s what you need to know.

What is Hult??

Hult Prize also referred to as the Nobel Prize of the students is a year-long competition and the greatest platform for young people which brings together the brightest ideas from around the globe to solve the world’s most pressing issues. It introduces a different theme each year which is based on solving social issues and is selected by Bill Clinton. The theme for this year as proposed by the Former President of US Bill Clinton is “Food For Good”.  According to data, Every 4 seconds a person dies of hunger even when we are producing enough food for every person. It has been one of the major problems since ancient times which we have not been able to eradicate till the date. Therefore, this year’s hult is trying to address the problems related to food.

Hult at IOST

Hult at IOST is the On-campus program which is the quarterfinal round of the global event and an opportunity to deliver social change. As a part of the On-Campus program, the students will be trained, educated and inspired to build an impact community around campus events. The finalists here directly get to proceed to the Regionals and get selected for Hult Accelerator so that the ideas get turned into reality. The Organizing Committee here comprises 20 young and enthusiastic minds heading for the venture under the leadership of the Campus Director. Campus Director, Mr. Agrani Amatya said: “We youth with the creative mind and energy, also have some responsibility towards our community, and the Hult Prize is the platform which changes our responsibility to opportunities”.

Who is this for??

The Hult Prize at IOST is for all the people associated to IOST with concrete idea at first that is eventually developed with the help of OC team, Advisors and Mentors. The participating teams need to visualize and come up with the innovative business ideas which is appropriate for the solution of selected theme.

Why Should You Participate??

Because it offers a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes, and uncover confidence. It also plays a role in motivating students to perform, excel, and offer a lot more rewards than just winning the prize. Also, you do not need to be a coder or have the best prototype to participate in it as it is the idea of pitching competition and all you need is enthusiasm to participate and bring change. It helps to build new ideas and innovative plans.

So, you are just one step away from this opportunity and in order to grab it, all you need to do is register for participation and if not for the audience. It is a pleasure and privilege to invite all the students of IOST to participate in the “Hult At IOST”.

The further information can be obtained via the links below:

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