Hult Prize at FWU successfully conducted “GRAND FINALE” of On-campus Program

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Kathmandu, Dec. 18: We all have been patient for a very long time,  So thanking everybody who has been waiting for all this time, We would like to inform everyone that the Hult Prize, Far-Western University successfully conducted “Grand Finale” of a Campus program. This is the first time that the Hult Prize has been organized at Far-West University and various colleges students of the Far-West University have participated in the program.

12 Teams were mentioned their team name for pitching. But only 9 teams were able to pitch at the Grand Finale of the Hult Prize. It was a wonderful event. Hult Prize is a golden opportunity for energetic young people, motivating them to become entrepreneurs and bring about positive change in society. Food for Good, Food for impact. The team that puts its best and logical business ideas in the subject will be the winner.  We hope this kind of program will stimulate the economy by providing food to the hungry, cotton to the naked, bamboo to the homeless, and employment to the unemployed.

Team Food Employer is Winner of the ” Grand Finale” of On-campus program. The winner Team will represent Far-Western University in the regional venue. Best wishes team.

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