Quit-smoking helpline number on cigarette packs in India

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In India, there are more than 100 million smokers who are deeply addicted to smoking. Among them, more than a million people die of smoking.Image result for Quit-smoking helpline number on cigarette packs in India

Previously, the government has asked the cigarette companies to print their packets with 80% of the surface of the packs with picture and text warnings. The Indian government says,”All cigarette packs will have the words “tobacco causes painful death” printed on them along with the helpline number, 1800-11-2356.” The government also warned to prosecute the companies which deny new rules.

Also, the tobacco-related advertisements are banned. Selling these products to the minors is also strictly prohibited and recognized as a criminal offence.

This is the strong rule of India to curb the use of tobacco. And the tobacco firms have not responded to this step of government yet.

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