Myagdi DAO directs to cease bridge construction works

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30 may, galeshwor- Myagdi has given instruction to cease bridge construction works under the Beni-Jomsom-Korola road project. The Office cited the use of substandard construction materials in the construction of a cemented bridge over the Rahughat River and directed for the halt until a next notice. Raghuganga rural municipality Chief Bhawa Bahadur Bhandari gave a notification to the office that low-standard sand and rocks were used in the construction of bridge foundation.

Rahughat that lies in three kilometers north to the district headquarters Beni serves as the border of Galeshwor of Beni municipality-9 and Piple of Raghuganga rural municipality-3.

Chief District Officer Leeladhar Adhikari confirmed the office has directed to stop the bridge construction works until further notice. The contractor company Gajurmukhi United, however, denies any sorts of wrongdoing in the construction. As the company engineer said sand and rocks extracted from the Kaligandaki River were used in the foundation. (RSS)

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