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Lab issue behind decision to halt pesticide test process: Minister Yadav

8 july, kathmandu- Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supply, Matrika Prasad Yadav, said the government decided not to implement its decision to conduct the pesticide residue test in imported vegetables and fruits along the Nepal-India border for the time being because of lab issues.

In his replies today to the concerns expressed in regard with the matters related to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies during the deliberations on Appropriation Bill 2076 BS in the National Assembly, he said only the Central Department of Food Technology and Quality Control had a well-equipped lab to conduct such kind of tests and a mechanism under the Ministry of Agriculture was technically not competitive to deal with the matter and that’s why the decision was put on hold.

He went on to say the government was working with the policies of promoting industries, increasing production and reducing import. The Supply Minister added the government was facing allegations that it was preparing to sell industries at a throw-away prices which were not true. “It is concerned about the possibly of misappropriation of public land it provided for industries, instead”.

According to him, there are two sorts of suggestions where to give exemption on customs duty in the import of raw materials and the government will work on it, keeping the interest of nation at first. (RSS)

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