Conor McGregor faces two-month ban after the loss against Floyd Mayweather

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Conor McGregor was defeated by Floyd Mayweather in the 10th round via TKO in Las Vegas on August 26.

Following the loss, McGregor has been handed a two-month suspension by Nevada State Athletic Commission due to medical reasons and will not be allowed to fight both MMA and Boxing. The suspension came after the medial test following the defeat and will end on October 26. Furthermore, McGregor is also prohibited of any physical contact till October 11.


He will have to attend the physical test again at the end of the suspension period.

The news has quite disappointed the Irishman as he was hoping to make his UFC return at the end of 2017. He will be looking forward for every possible ways as he has been eagerly waiting for his 3rd clash against Nate Diaz.

The medical suspension is charged if the player is unfit to compete and will have to until he/she is capable for further competition.

McGregor was quite good in shape while he appeared in the after-party which was held in his honor but had a shiner under his left eye.

McGregor is expected to make his return to the octagon at the beginning of 2018. He made around $90 million from his clash against Mayweather and overtook Ronaldo on the Forbes rich athlete list.




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